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Our Sprinkler Repair Services Fort Lauderdale

At All American Sprinklers, our sprinkler repair services offer a range of irrigation services, both residentially and commercially, to keep your irrigation system work for years to come. We also offer Same Day service to your home or business.

If you are looking for affordable, quality service, you have found the best in town. We provide free estimates and all of our work is guaranteed so you can count on fast, professional service.

Irrigation job in progress Fort Lauderdale

There are many benefits to having an automatic irrigation system at your home or business. Not only are automatic systems extremely convenient but when installed properly they save you money in the long run. Stop wasting money and water and give the experts at All American Sprinklers a call today!

Low water pressure is a huge annoyance in a home or business, as it makes doing anything with water extremely difficult and even tedious. If this is a problem in your home or office, installing a pressure system may be the answer. Kiss your frustration goodbye and schedule an appointment today.

Unless you are confident in your ability to relocate water and pipelines, its always best to call an expert. Line relocation can be lengthy and complex and if not done properly can end up costing you more money in the long run. No need to go at it alone, let our professionals help you.

Stop wasting money on running water and protect youself from the risk of flooding by investing in the highest-quality water pumps and timers. Our irrigation specialist offer only the best pumps and timers, at affordable prices. To learn more about our quality products give us a call today.

When valves have to work harder, due to lack of maintenance or quality, it shortens its life span to about 1-3 years. If you’ve fallen victim to a broken valve, call on us. We have the most reliable valves and our team we will teach you the proper maintenance to extend the life of your electric valves for years to come.

At All American Sprinklers we specialize in the installation of water wells both residentially and commercially. Our experienced and knowledgable team have years of practice when it comes to well installation. We are the professional team you can turn to for all of your well installation needs.

Not sure which rotor or sprinkler will work the best for your irrigation system? Our irrigation specialist have the knowledge to help guide you in the right direction. We have a range of rotors and sprinkler products to choose from so you can find the perfect rotor and sprinkler for your lawn.

In addition to our Same Day services, our skilled irrigation specialist offer monthly services to make sure all of your irrigation needs are being taken care of. We care about you just like you care about your yard, home and business.

Whether you have fallen victim to the reverse flow of water or you irrigation system is not working the way it used to, we’ve got your covered. We have the right back flow products and index valves to make sure everything is running smoothly, guaranteed.

A common and persistent problem with irrigation systems is how to prevent rust from happening. Rust leaves stains on homes, offices and sidewalks becoming a huge eyesore. Our team will install the latest rust system preventer to keep your home and office looking beautiful and rust free.

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