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Sprinkling System Repair – How To Guide

Automatic irrigation systems are very practical to avoid watering the garden by yourself. Yet they can sometimes cause disasters. The pipes tend to slacken and sometimes separate at the joints. This causes local flooding that can be devastating for your garden. In some cases, you might need professional help. All American Sprinklers are serving all Florida.

How do I spot leaks in a sprinkler system?

To detect broken connections, I will use a simple fact. To distribute water to the end of the hoses, the water pressure needs to be high enough. It is the orifices and nozzles along with the hose that limit the flow. When a water leak occurs, there is a significant increase in the flow of water at the source. This is because the flow is no longer restricted. It is enough to install a flowmeter upstream of the circuit.

Why are my sprinklers not turning on?

Your sprinkler system is not working? Here are the most common reasons why. You might fix some of them by yourself. But most problems need a professional sprinkler system repair team.

  • The programming of too many start times may be too heavy for your sprinklers.
  • A blank display usually indicates that the programmer is no longer powered. The programmer is often powered by AC power.
  • If the display is blank after disconnecting the battery, it may be a transformer issue. It is possible to test a transformer using a voltmeter. The normal voltage is between 24 and 26 Vac.
  • The display of NO or NO AC is a diagnostic message. It is indicating that the programmer is no longer receiving AC power. The programmer is then powered by the backup battery.
  • Voltage spikes and bursts can damage components on the programmer boards. This can occur after long-term use of an SRC programmer.
  • There might be excessive current in the starting circuit of the pump or main solenoid valve.

How do I test my sprinkler system?

If you want to know where to look, ask yourself the right questions:

  • Is there a watering start time programmed into the timer?
  • Is the programmed watering start time at the right time of day (i.e. AM or PM)?
  • Is today a watering day?
  • Is there a station operating time programmed into the timer?
  • Is there a wired rain sensor in the timer?
  • Is the main water supply for irrigation open?
  • Is the timer output from the station 24 VAC-28 VAC?
  • Is there voltage on the station solenoid valve wires?

Call All Americans Sprinklers for the Best Quality Sprinkler System Repair

When do you need a sprinkler system repair? In theory, an automatic sprinkler works almost maintenance-free. This is as long as there is water available, and there is enough pressure in the hose. In practice, the supply network and its components need regular maintenance.

All American Sprinklers is able to respond to all sprinkler system repair requests. Get in touch with us!

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